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Galileo Tank Blotters


This tank style electroblotter provides reliable and efficient transfer of a wide range of protein coumpounds from acrylamide gels. Up to four gels can be transfered simultaneously. Platinum grid style electrodes and robust construction assure even and complete molecular transfer and long service life. System is supplied complete with power leads and four blotting cassetes. Also included is a sample pack of our ultra-pure cotton fiber filter paper.


91-1010-TB Insight Mini Tank Blotter with 4 cassettes
91-2020-TB Insight Maxi 20x20cm Tank Blotter with 4 cassettes


91-1010-TBCS Transfer Mini Cassette with Pads
91-1010-BPD Replacement Blotting Pads, 4 per pack
91-2020-TBCS Transfer Maxi 20x20cm Cassette with Pads
91-2020-BPD Replacement Maxi Blotting Pads, 20x20cm, 4 per pack
91-RPC Replacement Power Cords




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